The 19th ICA Conference, Ottawa, Canada, 1999


Kanakubo, Wolodtschenko

left   :

Tositomo Kanakubo, Chair of the Commission on Theoretical Fields and Definition in Cartography (1995 - 1999)

right   :

Alexander Wolodtschenko, Chair of the Commission on Theoretical Cartography (1999 - 2003)

Leadership of old and new Commissions

Leadership of the old and new Commissions
from left to right: Takashi Morita, Tositomo Kanakubo, Alexander Wolodtschenko, Hansgeorg Schlichtmann


Opening of the Workshop

Opening of the Workshop for Commission and Working Group Leaders on Saturday, August 14


During the Workshop discussion

During the Workshop discussion


Poster discussion

Poster discussion with H. Schlichtmann, A. MacEachren and F. Taylor (from left to right)




20th ICA Conference, Beijing, China, 2001


Beijing International Convention Center

Beijing International Convention Center


Theoretical Cartography Commission meeting

Theoretical Cartography Commission meeting on August 8, 2001


Members of the Commission on Theoretical Cartography

Members of the Commission on Theoretical Cartography
from left to right, back row : Qingyun Du, John Isom, Vesna Ikonovic, Lars Brodersen, Tositomo Kanakubo, Nikolay Komedchikov.
front row: Takashi Morita, Alexander Wolodtschenko, Hansgeorg Schlichtmann


21st ICA Conference, Durban, South Africa, 2003


Commission on Theoretical Cartography

Some of the participants of Commission's meeting
From left to right: G.MaCleary, Y.Chen, G.Andrienko, L.Meng, H. Schlichtmann, G.Beconyte, J.Ostrowski, A. Wolodtschenko


23rd ICA Conference, Moscow, Russia, 2007

ICA Theoretical Cartography Seminar in Moscow


The ICA Seminar "Map Language and Geoinformation" held on the 4th August 2007 in Moscow, Russia, was organized by the ICA Commission on Theoretical Cartography (local organizer N.Komedchikov, Institute of Geography of the Russian Academy of Science). It was not accident to hold this seminar in Moscow, in Institute of Geography, where famous Russian geographer and cartographer Alexandr A.Liouty, member of the ICA Commission on Theoretical Cartography 1999-2001, has worked from 1977-2001.


Participants of the Seminar in Institute of Geograph

Participants of the Seminar in Institute of Geography

Participants from Austria, Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, USA,  and the host country Russia took part in this one day seminar on the August 4 (before ICC 2007) . The seminar program included two theoretical sessions, where following eight papers were presented:

1. Denil, M.E. (Washington, USA): A Conceptual Basis for a Performative Ontology of Cartography
2. Ferland, Ya´ves (Valcartier, Canada): Cartography Capabilities for Knowledge Representation
3. Wolodtschenko, Alexander (Dresden, Germany): On Atlas Cartography and Atlas Cartosemiotics
4. Berlyant Alexander (Moscow, Russia): Theory of Geoimages
Session 2:
5. Rotanova I.N., Belenko J.A., Novgorodtzeva O.G. (Barnaul/Novosibirsk, Russia): Cartosemiotic Analysis of Tourist Maps
6. Komedchikov N.N.(Moscow, Russia):From Cartology Conception to Phenomenology Conception of Theoretical Cartography
7. Gordeev A.J.(Kyiv, Ukraine): Proposals for Development of Theoretical and Nautical Cartography in the Ukraine
8. Lebedev P.P.(Moscow, Russia): Structural Cartography Research

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