Gaim-LaTeX is a plugin for gaim that renders entered LaTeX commands to an PNG image which is then displayed in the IM-Window instead of the LaTeX-commands. On this page, you will find a compiled Windows version of the plugin.




Install all the packages from the above list and finally move the LaTeX.dll file to the plugin directory of gaim. Either choose the global one, which is in the folder of gaim "c:\Program Files\Gaim" or the one just for your user account, which is in the "c:\Documents and Settings\[Your user account]\Application Data\.gaim" folder. Afterwards, start or restart gaim and enable the plugin in the Plugin-settings.


To use the LaTeX-renderer, just put everything between $$ $$, e.g.: $$\int\limits_{-\pi}^{\pi} sin(x)\mathrm{d}x = 0$$.

The usage of [tex] [/tex] is possible as well, but in my case, it crashed gaim. So I recommend using $$ $$ instead.


The sourcecode is provided here: Makefile.mingw, LaTeX.h and LaTeX.c. The following patches were applied: Win32 Port and Gaim2 Beta5 port

Limitations/Known Problems


The plugin was developed by yoda222 and can be found here: