Numerical Fourier Analysis of Planetary Disturbing Function

Sergei A. Klioner

This page contains some materials concerning the package FFTPERT. This is a R&D package for computing various Fourier expansions of planetary disturbing function by numerical Fourier analysis.

The version of the package used for the papers below (version 0.7) here. Note that the package uses FFT routines from FFTW which should be installed independently.

The latest version 0.8 of the package is here.

Related publications:
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  2. Klioner, S.A.. (2000): Numerical Fourier Expansions of the Planetary Disturbing Function. Celestial Mechanics and Dynamical Astronomy, 77(3), 215-238
    The log files for the examples from the paper are here.

  3. Klioner S.A. (2000): Multidimensional numerical Fourier transform of the planetary disturbing function. In: Astrometry, Geodynamics and Celestial Mechanics on the eve of the XXI century. Proceeding of the International Conference, Institute of Applied Astronomy, St.Petersburg, Russia, 253-254, in Russian

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