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Institute of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
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Biographical sketch

President ISPRS Com. V 2004-2008




Selected publications for download:

Close Range Photogrammetry / Optical 3D Measurement Techniques:

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Airborne laserscanning:

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Aerial photogrammetry:

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Miscellaneous topics:

Maas, H.-G., 1997:
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Maas, H.-G., 1992:

Research topics:

IPF TU Dresden research page

Close range photogrammetry: System design and calibration, 3D motion analysis, automation of photogrammetric data processing, deformation measurement techniques, accuracy optimization, computer tomography voxel data analysis, panoramic and hemispheric camera modelling, forestry applications

Terrestrial laserscanning: System integration, point cloud and image data fusion, laserscanner self-calibration techniques, automated 3D modelling

Airborne laserscanning: Automatic 3-D GIS information extraction, segmentation, 3-D building model generation, methods for accuracy verification and improvement

Aerial photogrammetry: Quality control, sensor and data fusion, integrated GPS/INS platform orientation techniques

ISPRS Com. V Symposium 'Image Engineering and Vision Metrology', Dresden, 25.-27. September 2006

ISPRS Panoramic Photogrammetry Workshop, Dresden, 19-22 February 2004

Workshop '3-D reconstruction from airborne laserscanner and InSAR data', Dresden, 8-10 October 2003

Research projects at Delft Technical University 1998 - 2000:

Airborne laserscanning

Generation of parametric house models based on invariant moments of 2.5-D point clouds

Segmentation of airborne laserscanner datasets by analysis of height texture

Accuracy of airborne laserscanner data

Research projects at ETH Zurich before 1998:

3-D Particle-Tracking-Velocimetry

Least-Squares-Matching with Voxeldata

Surface model generation in close range photogrammetry


Photogrammetry I (2. year)
Photogrammetry II (3. year)
Photogrammetry III (4. year)
Photogrammetry IV (4. year)
Industrial photogrammetry (4. year)
Sensorics on moving platforms (4. year)
Study project image metrology (4. year)
Study project terrestrial laserscanning (4. year)
Study project airborne laserscanning (4. year)
Study project aerial photogrammetry (4. year)
Photogrammetry and remote sensing in forestry (2. year)
Photogrammetry for computer scientists (2./3. year)

Non-photogrammetric activities:

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